The Cloth Handkerchief: 20 individual possibilities to use it // ideas #5

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three delicate handkerchief illustrations

Today we want to show you our top 20 individual possibilities that you can make use of a handkerchief these days.

In our blog post No. 2 on the costume history behind the handkerchief, we already told you about the long history of the square, practical handkerchief. Read it in the link above if you haven’t already.

Use of the handkerchief in everyday life

  • tie a knot in the scarf as a reminder
handkerchiefs as hair curlers diy a tribute to the movie Emma 2020
  • let it blow in the wind as a greeting or farewell
  • dab away sweat
  • curlers : first roll up the handkerchief and wrap a strand of damp hair around the handkerchief. When the whole strand is wound up, the handkerchief is knotted. Continue this until all the hair is wrapped. It is best to do this before going to bed, then your hair will be dry and curly the next morning. [As shown in the film “Emma”(2020) for example!]
  • headband
  • scarf
DIY face mask made from a handkerchief

household helper hankie

  • dust mask: fold the handkerchief into a triangle, stretch it over your mouth and nose and knot it at the back of your head. If the handkerchief is too small, you can extend it with ribbons at the two ends.
  • cleaning glasses, cutlery and crockery
  • packing lunches

Use a handkerchief as a survival tool

  • peace flag (If the handkerchief is white)
  • bandage
hankie as a survival tool
  • cooling skin and swollen areas with the damp handkerchief.
  • filter water
  • for escape (e.g. from a high tower): for this, however, you have to tie many handkerchiefs together.
  • for self defence: Throw the handkerchief in your attacker’s face and use the moment of surprise to escape. The attacker will be shocked for a moment and must first remove the handkerchief from his face.
handkerchief as wrapping paper diy furoshiki

Giving away handkerchiefs

  • give comfort
  • proof of love
  • wrapping paper: as in the Japanese furoshiki. The gift is wrapped with a beautiful cloth in various ways.
  • traditional gift for confirmation or communion

Other use for the practical square

Show us what you have done with your hankie, we are curious!

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We are looking forward to your ideas of the different way to use a handkerchief!!!

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